🔒How KANGAL supply is always limited to 100 Billion

The total maximum and circulating supply of ERC20 KANGAL and its BEP20 version bKANGAL token is 100 billion, which you can see by checking the contract source code of the ERC20 token on etherscan. There are no burn or mint functions in this contract, which means there is no way to change the supply.

Kangal uses the bridging feature of burgerswap.org to bridge into Binance Smart Chain, which works by creating BEP20 bKANGAL tokens on BSC and locking the bridged ERC20 tokens. Check this contract to see the amount ERC20 tokens that are locked, and this bscscan page to see the amount of bKANGAL tokens. When bKANGAL tokens are converted back into KANGAL tokens, BEP20 version of the tokens are burned and the amount that was locked on the Ethereum contract is unlocked.

Note that there can be a difference in the number of locked KANGAL's in the contract and the bKANGAL supply shown on bscscan in case anyone using burgerswap.org bridge does not claim the tokens they have converted.

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